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I am confident that the education they have received will make them individuals who can and will take the time to think for themselves and inspire and lead others.
Charles Greenhalgh, Parent

King Winter, Lady Spring pay visit to the Waldorf School

There is magic in the air here in the Mount Washington Valley! King Winter couldn’t resist and came for one last visit before it was truly time for Lady Spring to reign.

The White Mountain Waldorf School’s youngest children received a special visit from Lady Spring and King Winter during their spring festival this past week. The children have been singing songs and hearing stories in their classes anticipating the arrival of Lady Spring for the past month. Finally, on this special day, they invited their Moms and Dads to join them for a spring walk through the forest.

In the middle snowy forest path the children and parents were first greeted by a sad, icicle laden King Winter who had lost his way home back to his palace in the North. He apologized for the mess he had made the past day with all the slushy snow which was covering the green grass and budding flowers. The children were empathetic and wanted to help.

Yet, Lady Spring came walking toward them from out of the forest dressed in a beautiful flowing gown of spring colors and a primrose crown, and kindly offered to help King Winter find his way home. The children’s eyes widened and began to whisper “Lady Spring is real!”

The teachers and children sang a praise for her arrival. She lovingly shared a gift of sunflower seeds with each child, telling them to take great care of this precious gift. Then with a wave, King Winter and Lady Spring walked off together into the budding forest speckled with patches of snow as the children sang;

Winter goodbye
Winter goodbye
You may no longer stay
Spring time is on her way
Winter goodbye.

As the children, teachers, and parents walked out of the forest they all noticed how brighter the colors looked and how brighter the sounds were from the trees for the sun had come out from behind the clouds to say; spring is truly here!!!

Carolyn Harrison
Waldorf Kindergarten Teacher