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I am confident that the education they have received will make them individuals who can and will take the time to think for themselves and inspire and lead others.
Charles Greenhalgh, Parent

Imagination and Intellectualism. These are two very distinctive and meaningful words that we all seem to forget as we advance in age. But these words are exactly why I send my child to White Mountain Waldorf School.

Children today are now overscheduled, over tested and over exposed to screen time and social media. Research has not shown any evidence that these types of exposures and this type of education provide a correlation to more enlightened members of society, happier individuals or self-actualized young minds.

Waldorf school has a distinct educational format that allows young minds to develop at their own pace. It acknowledges that each child has special gifts but cannot be compared to another. The youngest children at Waldorf School exercise their bodies and minds through imagination.. inside the classroom and in nature. They are guided and encouraged by adults how to treat others well, collaborate to solve problems and get along in the world. Each challenge that these young children face is filled with immersion into and exploration of a new skill with social, physical and cognitive ideas before moving on to a new challenge.

The elementary children are given academic challenges, but not only ones dependent on rigorous math problems or writing exercises. Their cognitive and intellectual developments are encouraged through their own abilities as scholars, artists, musicians, dramatists, athletes and social collaborators.

My child is twelve years old and is in 6th grade. I often listen to her discuss Fairy Tales, as well as confidently elucidate on social issues such as social inclusion and social awareness. At her lemonade stand I have seen her do flips and juggling acts to attract passer-bys to stop, buy a glass or two and aid her fundraising efforts (such as for Jen’s friends - and to the Philippines, whose citizens got hit with hurricanes and tornadoes). I see her use a drill and confidently build a wooden truck. She can easily perform mental math and write in calligraphy. And I share her enthusiasm when she sees a turtle in a cloud!

Why Waldorf School? ..Simply because the education my daughter receives there fosters her inquiring mind, her sense of wonder, creativity, compassion for others and confidence to engage in a very-fast changing world. I am certainly not saying my daughter is perfect and would always do well in anything she does, but I am confident that with this type of educational foundation she can easily hold her head high and face any challenge with pride.