Summer Program - 2017

What People Say
I am confident that the education they have received will make them individuals who can and will take the time to think for themselves and inspire and lead others.
Charles Greenhalgh, Parent

Summer Unplugged!

Join us this summer for some incredible progams for all ages. Unless otherwise specified in the camp details, families will need to provide their campers with a healthy snack, lunch and a water bottle. Please make sure campers have a sun hat and proper footwear. You can always reach us at 603.447.3168 if you have any questions.

Please fill out and submit this registration form to reserve your spot. We look forward to seeing you this summer!

A Child’s Garden
Instructor: Katherine Flippin
Ages 2.5-3.5
July 3 - Aug 4 / 9a-3p

The children’s garden is set at a gentle pace just right for the youngest children in our summer camp. Activities include forest play, water play, nature walks, seasonal circle time, story and a well needed rest. A healthy homemade snack is provided daily.

The Natural Explorer
Instructor: Amber Capone
Ages 3.5- 6
July 3 - Aug 4 / 9a-3p

Our days are filled with singing, outdoor play, traditional games, arts and craft projects, and plenty of time for children to explore and play in our beautiful forest and gardens. A healthy homemade snack and herbal iced tea are provided daily.

*Early Childhood Program run by Carolyn Harrison

Games and Woodland Adventure Camp
Instructors: Mari Cooper & Carolyn Harrison
Ages 6-10
July 17-20, July 24-27, July 31-Aug 3 / 9a-3p
4-Day Sessions - $160/session

The campers will enjoy outdoor and indoor games appealing to all ages and abilities. We will also explore the beautiful land around us. Following a morning outside, we will have lunch and a story that all ages can enjoy.  We’ll end our day outside again with games and more nature exploration.    

Handwork & Crafting Camp
Instructor: Melanie Moore
Ages 6+
July 10 - July 28 / 9a-3p

Each morning will start the same, with free play and snack prep - healthy snack will be provided. Then we will have a quick circle before heading out on a walk to gather materials that we will need for that days crafting. Each week will have a different theme. The children will learn two new songs, and at least one new handwork verse. Each week we will make at least one woodworking project, a bath and body product, a hand dyed project, several sewing and painting projects, handmade fresh cheese and fresh veggie hummus. The children will be sent home with a book of recipes at the end of the week along with all their crafts.

“Lord of the Rings” Woodworking Camp
Instructor: Bruce Cooper
Age 8+
July 31 - Augt 4 / 9a-3p

Using hand tools - saws, knives, rasps, sandpaper, hammer/nails - the campers will make swords, shields and staves out of wood.  We will then have a Lord of the Rings style adventure in the mountains and forest surrounding the school.

Jam Along
Instructor: Cathy Arsenault-Shea
Ages 11+
July 10 - July 14 / 9a-1p

Singing and playing instruments in a group, will be the focus of this camp. Participants will bring their own instrument: ukuleles, guitars, etc., and should have some ability to play that instrument. A keyboard, one or two guitars, a bass ukulele, recorders, and xylophones will be available to use in the classroom, if someone would like to participate that has no instrument. The week will begin with the class learning a song brought by the teacher and participants are encouraged to bring a song they would like to play with the group. Each person will leave with a book of the songs worked on during the week.