Tuition & Financing

What People Say
I am confident that the education they have received will make them individuals who can and will take the time to think for themselves and inspire and lead others.
Charles Greenhalgh, Parent

Tuition & Financing

2017-2018 Rates

To apply to the White Mountain Waldorf School, please fill out the attached application.
Early Childhood Application / Elementary Application Grades 1-8

Smart Tuition provides tuition and fee billing services for our school. Please go to our enrollment page to sign up for Smart Tuition. It’s quick and simple and should take you less than ten minutes to enroll.

As a family, you have access to your online account where you can:

  • Set up payment plans
  • View your balance
  • Select payment options
  • Pay tuition and fees

If you have questions, you can call Smart’s Parent Help Center at (888) 868-8828 or the school at (603) 447-3168.



per year per month
Grades 1-8 (8a - 2:30p) $9,445 $859
Full Day Kindergarten (8a - 2:30p M-Th, 8a - 12p F) $9,096 $827
5 Morning Kindergarten (8a - 12p) $6,483 $589
5 Morning Early Childhood (8a - 12p) $6,483 $589
3 Morning Early Childhood (8a - 12p) $4,049 $368
2 Morning Early Childhood (8a - 12p) $2,829 $257
  • Monthly payments are based on 11 months of payments from August to June.

After Care Options - Morning Kindergarten & Early Childhood

Full Day: 12p - 2:30p

Extended Day: 12p - 5p

Drop in/day = $20 Drop in/day = $25
5 Days/Week = $2,768/yr 5 Days/Week = $3,690/yr
4 Days/Week = $2,214/yr 4 Days/Week = $2,952/yr
3 Days/Week = $1,661/yr 3 Days/Week = $2,214/yr
2 Days/Week = $1,107/yr 2 Days/Week = $1,476/yr

* Aftercare for children in Full Day Kindergarten or Elementary school up to age 9 rates follow the Full Day pricing and aftercare is provided from 2:30p - 5p.

Be sure to enter for a chance to win FREE TUITION for one year! Good for 2017/2018 tuition. Keep the prize and send your child to school for free for one year, give your winnings to a student, or donate the value of the winnings back to the White Mountain Waldorf School and claim it as a charitable donation on your 2017 tax return.